3″ Round Wallwasher

Title:-:3″ Round Wallwasher|-|Description:-:Spec-grade performance LED downlights. Optimal performance and aesthetics for hospitality, high-end residential, and corporate projects.The Chameleon R3 Wallwasher is part of a complete family of 3” fixtures, offering a wide range of mounting options, light distributions, color temperatures, reflector finishes, and optical accessories. The Chameleon wallwasher offers an even wash on walls up to 12’-0” using recommended setback and on center spacing. The optimal setback for fixtures should be 1/4th of the wall height with an on-center spacing of 1.4 x the setback.|-|Meta:-:43818,758862-1035185-3-round-wallwasher,products/additional-pdf/1035185-bold-chameleon-3-round-wallwasher-recessed-trimlessafx.png,products/additional-pdf/1035185-bold-chameleon-3-round-wallwasher-recessed-with-trim7n8.png,products/additional-pdf/1035185-bold-chameleon-3-round-wallwasher-recessed-trimless68v.png,products/additional-pdf/1035185-bold-chameleon-3-round-wallwasher-recessed-with-trimzft.png,products/additional-pdf/1035185-bold-chameleon-3-round-wallwasher-recessed-trimlessgux.png,products/add-pdf/1035185-pc-chameleon-3-4inch-wallwasherpyz-png.pdf,,,,,,,,,,True 3” overall diameter; Accommodates ceiling thicknesses up to 3”; Mounting: Trim – Trimless – Millwork; Delivered Lumens:; Available Color Temperatures (CCT): 2700K – 3000K – 3500K – 4000K – Dim to Warm (3000K – 1800K) –Tunable White (2700K – 5000K) *Custom CCT ranges available upon request; Standard CRI +80 and High CRI +90 *Ultra High CRI +95 available upon request; Dimming Protocols: 0-10v (1{3eff692f8ac57d0de491c070532a32933963b82694a6c27987237f12ffc075e9}) – 0-10v (Fade to Black) – ELV – DALI – Lutron Ecosystem; Optimal setback of 1/4 wall height and optimal on-center spacing of 1.4 x wall setback value.; High uniformity light distribution Emax : Emin. = 3:1; Wide range of trim and reflector finishes; Available in Wet location; Emergency options available; Title 24 Compliant; 5-year limited warranty,,,,,,,,,Yes,,,,,,,,,https://www.boldlighting.us/PDS.aspx?lang=en&iid=1309|-|Cat:-:Downlight|-|Filter:-:LED|-|Tag:-:Wall Washer,Wallwasher|-|Manu:-:Bold Lighting

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